Friday, October 28, 2005


I'm a constant knitter. I generally have at least six projects going at any one time, and sometimes more. Right now I have a "Branching Out" scarf, a sock, a vest, and an EZ's Baby Surprise Sweater on the needles, so I guess I'm a little behind my average. I just sent half a baby blanket to the frog pond after realizing I don't have enough yarn to finish it, and it's been discontinued.

Here's one of the socks. It's my own design, inspired by a pair I had bought that had subsequently gone holey in the heel. It's made of Paton's Kroy, color "whitecap."

Here's a hat I just finished. It's the double hat from EZ's Knitting Workshop, made from some scrap Woolease. I decided I needed something really warm for walking in the coming cold weather.

Blue side...

White side...


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