Monday, October 31, 2005

What next?

I'm trying to decide what to knit next. The white socks and the baby surprise sweater are almost finished, and the vest is resting while I decide whether or not to continue it. I have had a ball of Trekking XXL (color 105) for a few weeks now, just waiting to be made into socks, but I made myself wait until I finished up some of my other projects. I love the fall colors in this, and it's so soft and springy!

I want to make socks that have the ribbing all the way down to the edge of the toe--Mom has a pair like that, and I hadn't seen any like them before. After searching the internet, I found a beautiful pair here (see June 27th entry). I can make my own pattern based on the pictures; I only hope mine turn out as nicely!

Of course, it's time to think about holiday knitting, too. I already have a few things completed, but I really need to decide what else I'm going to do, and then get busy. I always get a few last-minute requests, which I am happy to fill, as long as there's time.


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