Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snow Day Mittens

Here are the Snow Day Mittens. These are a lot of fun to make, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Of course, now that I'm well, it's 37 degrees and all the snow is melting. I suppose I neglected to mention that I decided to keep this pair for myself!

These very soft and warm mittens will fit an average-sized woman’s hand. They knit up very quickly and would make a great gift or a welcome addition to your own winter wear.

Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky comes in an amazing array of colors, and it is one of the nicest yarns I’ve ever knit with. It has just enough mohair to make a light ‘halo.’

Size: 8” around, about 9.5” long

Materials: 1 skein of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky (shown in Ruby)
set of dpns to give you gauge
stitch marker (I use a piece of yarn)
stitch holder (again, I use a piece of yarn)

Gauge: 4 st=1”


Cast on 28 stitches, distribute onto 3 dpns. Join.
Rib in K2, P2 for 2.5 inches, or desired length.
next round: *K7, M1* around, to increase total stitches to 32
Knit 2 more rounds.

Begin thumb gusset

next round: K1, M1left, K1, M1right, K around
next round: K around even

K1, M1left, K3, M1right, K around
K around even

K1, M1left, K5, M1right, K around
K around even

K1, M1left, K7, M1right, K around

(At this point you may wish to try the mitten on and see if the thumb gusset is wide and/or long enough. If not, K around even, then complete another increasing round.)

K1, slip 9 (or 11) thumb stitches to a scrap piece of yarn, K around
K1, M1 to close space left by joining sides, K around
K16 stitches, then place a marker, K around


Knit around for about 2.75”, or just to the top of the little finger.

Decrease round

SSK, K to 3 stitches before marker, K2tog, K1, slip marker, SSK, K to 3 stitches before end of round, K2tog, K1

K 4 rounds even

Decrease as described

K even

Decrease every other round until 12 stitches left. Place 6 stitches each on 2 dpns and graft together using Kitchener stitch.


Put stitches from thumb onto 2 dpns, and attach yarn, leaving long tail (to sew up any little holes when you are finished), K around to gap where thumb and hand join. Using 3rd dpn, pick up 3 stitches (12 total—or 14 if you made the larger gusset), then K around until length just reaches top of thumb.

K2tog around.

K even.

K2tog around again, and break yarn. Thread through live stiches and pull tight. Secure on wrong side.

Make second mitten the same as the first.

Enjoy all your snow days!


At 2:58 PM , Anonymous Rob said...

Hi, Nice blog. I have been knitting mittens all fall, and joined a mittenalong as well. I also love Lamb's Pride, and have been using their Worsted for mittens. I splurged on one skein of about 6-8 colors, and have then arranged like a painter's palette to encourage creativity and play.

At 5:23 PM , Blogger Gina said...

Thanks, Rob! The palette certainly sounds inspiring. I had all my new yarns out so I could see them, but the cats are waaaayyy too interested in them, so I had to put them away!


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