Thursday, November 17, 2005

My new convertible....mittens!

Well, they're not new yet. I have to design and knit them first, but after my morning walk in 19 degree, windy weather, I now know what I want in mittens for myself. Convertibles!

In 30-40 degree weather, for about the first mile my hands are pretty cold, no matter what gloves or mittens I have on. Then, there is a brief period where I am comfortable and actually not aware of my hands at all and can focus on my walking, and finally, they are too warm, and I have to strip off my gloves or mittens, or fold down my hand warmers so I can cool off. However, below 30 degrees, my hands stay cold for a long time and are just about comfortable by the time I am finished walking. The answer to all these situations seems to be convertible mittens. My requirements are as follows:

They must be done in worsted weight, so I can have that double thickness on my hands and most of my fingers most of the time.

The inside part must be the half-a-mitten sort, and not the glove type where there are actual separate fingers. This will enable me to pull my thumb out and into this space with the rest of the fingers if my hands start to get too warm. It should come up rather high, just under the length of my little finger, I think.

The top has to be easy to pull back and fasten and shouldn't flop around when I use my arms.

They must be knitted in a fairly tight gauge so the wind doesn't whistle through.

They must be done in a color that will not get dingy looking too quickly.

That's my project for the next time I sit down to knit.

I started the Hourglass Sweater and did about seven rounds, just past the purl round. The Cotton Fleece is sort of splitty, but it knits up really well, and I am very pleased so far. I love the coral color.


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