Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm doing what I want to today

My yarn orders are finally both here, and I am very pleased with my purchases. Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what color the yarn will be, based on the catalog or the computer monitor, but this time I mostly got what I expected. First of all, I got an order of Brown Sheep yarns:

I got five skeins of Cotton Fleece in Coral Sunset for the Hourglass Sweater--this is a gorgeous color and not too far off from the photo for a change. I also got some Nature Spun in sportweight, just to have in my stash. The colors are Pink Please, Platte River Blue, Navy Nite, and Meadow Green (a lovely shade).

Below is my Knitpicks stash. I got four skeins of Merino Style, in Dusk and Vanilla, and the rest is Wool of the Andes in Violet, Chestnut, Mist, Cloud, Coal, Winter Night, Chambray, and Grass. Grass and Violet were quite different in person than in the catalog, but I will still be able to put them to good use.

In other news, yesterday most of the state was under a tornado watch for several hours. When I saw that the possibility for tornadoes was quite high, and that the alarm had spread to the national news, I decided not to take my chances here in the house, so I loaded up the cats, and we went over to BJ's. Her apartment complex has a large basement, so I felt safer at her place, and when there was a warning that a tornado was headed for our area at 60 mph, we took the cats and went down there.

Let me tell you, that is a very strange and scary feeling, to be listening to the radio announcer tick off the minutes until a tornado is supposed to be at your back door, and to watch the sky turn from a dark gray-green to a bright white. Streets were deserted, except for one car pulling in at a house across the street and an older couple rushing into what must have been their friends' basement. We sat there in the stifling heat for about half an hour (the cats were so good!), and just after the all-clear, we went back up to BJ's apartment, where I did a couple of minor household repairs for her and wished mightily for some good bourbon.

I decided to stay until CP got there, so he could help me haul the cats home, and yet another line of storms passed, and yet another tornado warning was posted for our county, though out of our immediate location. It was quite a rough day, and neither of us slept very well last night, either.

I'm not surprised at all to see that it's snowing today. The temperature has dropped almost thirty degrees since yesterday. Thank you, cold front! Too bad you can't arrive less spectacularly.

Today I've been pretty useless, but I did buy some material and make a new valance for the kitchen window. It looks pretty nice if you don't look too closely at some of the seams. I really don't like sewing at all; I just like having sewn something. But this was a fairly easy project completed with minimal cursing.

I'm off to start my Hourglass Sweater! I've been waiting on this for days.


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