Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sorghum cookies

I have no knitting pictures to post today. Instead, here's what I made yesterday:

These are sorghum cookies, and they are my favorite cookies ever. I had never made any of my own before, mostly because I figured that none could ever taste as good as those Mamaw made, and also because sorghum isn't something I have sitting around all the time, and lastly, because if I made my own, there would be a good possibility I'd eat them all at one sitting. However, I had a canning jar of sorghum that was made at the antique show in September, and I had Mamaw's recipe, so yesterday I made them. They are delicious, very much like Mamaw's, though without that something special that having her make them for me would have given them.

We ate several of them, but I was good and froze the rest for Thanksgiving, when there will be more people around to help eat them.

I'm just waiting on the mail now, hoping for my yarn shipments to arrive, because I'm in the mood to start a new project. After all, I only have three things going, and that just isn't enough!


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