Sunday, February 26, 2006

Medal denied

There wasn't enough yarn. I'm within a few rows of being finished, though, so I still consider it a success. I tried the sweater on and it is going to fit well and look great when it's done, which makes me very happy. I'm just not letting myself think about how shiny and pretty the gold medal would have looked on the sidebar over there.

So tomorrow I will call Patternworks in hopes of buying another skein in the same dye lot, and in the meantime I'm trying to figure out what is next. I'm actually down to one project at a time lately, which is fine with me. There'll be a new baby in the family in May, so I could make something for her, or I may start another LoTech Sweat--I made one a few years ago, before I fully understood the importance of gauge, so even though I love the design, I don't wear it much.

What I should do is take apart a sweater I designed and knit late last summer and early fall. I thought all my calculations were okay, but the set-in sleeves will just not set in correctly; they look puffy at the top, like those sweaters I wore in high school in the 80's. The rest of the sweater, a chestnut v-neck with mistake-stitch ribbing, looks pretty nice, but the sleeve problem ruins it for me.

I was sad to hear of Don Knotts' death. We are watching all our Andy Griffifth DVDs this afternoon as a tribute. My all-time favorite episode is the one where Barney wants to sing in the choir, and Andy and the choir director try everything to keep him from singing because he is so bad. And the one where Barney buys a motorcycle, and the one where he arrests the whole town, and every single one where he accidentally shoots his gun. He will be missed.


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